High performance abrasive blasting equipment engineered to be incredibly tough, safe and durable

From high efficiency 12 & 15bar (174 & 217psi) abrasive blast machines to state-of-the-art remote control valves; precision media valves to blast hose, nozzles, holders & couplings; or personal protection equipment, Elcometer’s range of abrasive blast equipment is designed to last longer, work harder and perform better.

Industry leading inspection equipment for the protective and industrial coatings industry

Elcometer’s comprehensive range of coating inspection, ultrasonic NDT inspection, appearance & gloss measurement, concrete & metal detection equipment has everything you need to accurately measure, surface profile to cleanliness, relative humidity to dewpoint, wet film to dry film coating thickness, material thickness to flaw detection, coating adhesion to gloss, pinhole to porosity detection, metal detection to concrete inspection.

Precision laboratory & physical test equipment for the formulation & manufacture of coatings

Whether you are measuring the fineness of grind, applying a uniform film thickness, testing a coating’s elasticity, hardness, abrasion or impact resistance, Elcometer’s range of high quality physical test equipment is essential for the development, formulation & manufacturing of a coating.