Service & Technical Support


The Elcometer Technical Support team is available to assist you with your enquiry.

Whether you need advice on product and application, troubleshooting, training or product service and repair; our team of technical experts is committed to providing a solution to your problem.

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The Customer Support Team offers assistance with the selection of the most appropriate Elcometer product.

This assistance applies to coating inspection, coating testing, concrete inspection, metal detection and ultrasonic NDT equipment.

Support is available via telephone, email or by visiting the Elcometer office*.

The Customer Support Team can also assist with the setting-up, adjustment and optimal use of Elcometer products in a wide range of applications.

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* Appointment is required



If the results of the testing are not as expected or in the unlikely event of the product not functioning as expected, the customer support team will provide assistance in trouble shooting the problem.

If one of our products is not functioning correctly, advice on corrective action will be provided. This may include having the product repaired or re-calibrated.

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The training offered by the technical support team includes:

  • How to correctly adjust a coating thickness gauge for the substrate material which is being measured
  • Setting the correct voltage for porosity testing
  • Optimal conditions for testing adhesion

The training can be arranged either at your facility or at the state of the art training room in Manchester*.

Training is also offered through Elcometer Distributors who have received full training and support from the Team in Manchester.

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* Appointment is required



A full range of repair and re-calibration services are available at our offices or through regional distributors.

The first contact, however should always be with the Elcometer Technical Support Team as many issues can be resolved without the need to return the product.

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Under ISO 9001 certification, accredited companies must identify in their procedures the frequency of re-certification of all test equipment. Elcometer offer all customers a full re-certification and re-calibration service upon request.

How often should I re-certify Elcometer Gauges?

The simple answer to this question is whenever your ISO procedures state. Elcometer, however, suggest as a guide, that on normal usage, gauges should be re-certified every 12 months.

For further information on certification and re-certification, click here to contact the Elcometer Technical Support team.