ElcoMaster® 2.0 Data Management Software Videos

Whatever you are testing, wherever you are testing it, taking the measurement is only part of the story. Only when each individual reading has been recorded, and a comprehensive inspection report created, can you then provide evidence of the work undertaken.

Whether you are working at your desk or inspecting out on-site with your mobile phone, Elcometer’s free software application ElcoMaster, allows you to produce comprehensive inspection reports in minutes – wherever you are.

ElcoMaster®; available for PC, Apple, and Android mobile devices; is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to connect to a range of Elcometer gauges via USB or Bluetooth®, and instantly produce professional reports, offering full traceability of the inspection proving compliance to the relevant standard being followed.

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How to update your Elcometer Inspection Gauge using ElcoMaster®

ElcoMaster® Software Application – Professional Inspection Reports in Seconds

Getting Started with ElcoMaster® Mobile

Creating a Project for your Inspection Data in ElcoMaster® Mobile

Importing and Managing you Inspection Data in the ElcoMaster® App

Creating and Setting Up Collection Templates in ElcoMaster®