Getting Started with ElcoMaster® Mobile

ElcoMaster® Mobile App brings the office to where you are. You can connect Elcometer Bluetooth® enabled inspection gauges directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod or Android™ mobile phones and tablets via ElcoMaster® Mobile App.

The ElcoMaster® software application from Elcometer provides inspectors with a way to generate high quality inspection reports in minutes, wherever you may be.

ElcoMaster can be downloaded from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store, and provides you with the ability to store readings from any Bluetooth enabled gauge from Elcometer, together with inspection photographs, GPS coordinates of where each measurement was taken, inspection notes, gauge serial numbers, calibration information, and much, much more.

With data transferred to mobile devices whilst out in the field, the Elcometer gauge does not have to be returned to the office for data download. Inspection work can continue without interruption.

Once ElcoMaster® has been opened, the Home screen displays:

    • Setup – which allows you to set up key features, such as the units of measurement; add your own logo on reports; select what information is included on your report, such as individual readings, photos, collection templates, and the GPS location of your measurements. You can also setup automatic data synchronisation and backup via your own cloud account or personal FTP server.
    • For all those users who have been using earlier versions of ElcoMaster®, you can enable “legacy mode,” allowing you to continue using all your existing data and formats.
    • The Library function - which contains all of your customised templates, or collects. Collects contain images or drawings, which indicate where to measure and in what sequence. These templates can be selected for inclusion in your report.
  • The Gauge Icon provides you with a quick way to connect to a gauge, and download data, straight from the Home screen.

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