Air Filtration & Heating Systems

Sagola’s range of versatile, modular based air filtration and heating systems ensures you can set up your spray booth to maximise air quality for consistent, high quality results.

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Stage 1 - Centrifugal force for large particulates, water & oil

The friction of the compressed air against the walls of the unit produces a decanting of solid and liquid particles deposited at the bottom of the unit’s deposit.

The compressed air is forced through the porous brass filter, in a downward flow, generating an increase in speed which then sharply changes to an upward direction that produces a further decanting of the liquid particles that were in condensation.

Stage 2 - Coalescent filtration down to 0.01 microns

When the compressed air goes through the coalescent filter it groups the liquid particles (water, oil, etc...) turning them into larger particles that are deposited at the bottom of the deposit.

The coalescent filter elements remove particles down to 0.01 microns including aerosols with a droplet size greater than 0.01 microns).


Stage 3 - Activated carbon filter for oil vapours, smells & hydrocarbons

When the compressed air goes through the activated carbon filter it eliminates the oil vapours, smells and other hydrocarbons in the air and compressed gas that is deposited at the bottom of the vessel.

Ideal for breathe air or waterborne or HS paints for the ultimate finish.