The Elcometer 456 Continues To Lead The Way For DFT Measurement


It was over 22 years ago, in early 2000, that the original Elcometer 456 was first introduced. The gauge was, at the time, possibly the most advanced handheld dry film coating thickness gauge (DFT).Ten years later the Elcometer 456 gauge was completely re-designed into the gauge we all see today.The new Elcometer 456 was launched with even more capabilities, enhanced features and functionality. One of the features added at the gauge's launch in 2010 was the ability for the user to upgrade their gauge over the internet every time a new feature was made available - for free.

During the launch, one customer said that "Elcometer had taken the coating thickness gauge as far as it could ever go". In the past 12 years, however, the gauge has had four major firmware and hardware upgrades and remains at the cutting edge of digital dry film thickness (DFT) measurement.

Many of the "cutting edge" features that some companies are "introducing" today have been a standard feature of the Elcometer 456 for more than 10 years. These include:

  • Reading rates of greater than 70 readings per minute
  • Scanning mode and auto-repeat measurement modes, significantly reducing inspection times
  • Colour auto-rotating screen complete with graphical representation
  • large reading memory storage capacity in multiple, linked alpha-numeric batch folders
  • IMO PSPC, ISO 19840, SSPC PA-2, Swedish and Australian measurement modes
  • Bluetooth communications to mobile devices, complete with GPS capture of precisely where the measurement was taken
  • Pass/ Fail and reading warning limits
  • Interchangeable probes

Elcometer continues to develop the features and functionality of the Elcometer 456 to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the digital coating thickness gauge technology for many years to come.

It has been said that it is not just about taking readings, but it is what you do with the readings that is critical. For years, Elcometer has provided cutting-edge software solutions, including ElcoMasterwhich allows inspectors to minimise the time spent on writing inspection reports - maximising the time on site inspecting.

Our latest ElcoMastersoftware release is designed to provide even more support than ever before. To borrow a cycling term, Elcometer believes in leading from the front and, when you are out in front, it is the peloton who has to chase the leaders.