Measuring Wind Speed

If the coating is being applied by spray, then we want to ensure all the paint exiting the spray gun lands on the surface being coated. If the wind is too strong whilst we are spraying, then the coating could be distributed everywhere, not just on the surface.

Using an anemometer, like the Elcometer 410 Anemometer, enables the operator to monitor wind speed and make an informed decision on whether it is acceptable to apply the coating.

When coating a large structure, the climatic conditions, in this case - wind speed - may be different in different areas of the structure. This can result in painting being possible in one area of the structure and not in another.

Other parameters will also change locally around a large structure. For example, sunlight and shade can have a dramatic effect on temperature, changing the dewpoint, meaning that although it may be acceptable to paint one side of a structure, it may not be acceptable on another. This emphasises that all climatic testing needs to be carried out as near to the point of the coating as possible.

Fig 1. Elcometer 410 Anemometer