Masterclasses Go Global


It’s now been three years since we started to invite UK customers to the Elcometer 456 Masterclass events. These UK events, organised and coordinated by Mel Hayward, are designed to help our customers to use perhaps the world’s most advanced DFT gauge to its maximum effect.

As time has gone on, “word of mouth” has spread, and we are now conducting one class in the UK every two weeks. The idea has also spread across the world, with many other Elcometer offices giving specific and detailed masterclasses to our Global customers. During these courses, we train delegates on how to calibrate the gauge effectively, bearing in mind the substrate and application. We teach the principlesof Dry Film Thickness measurement and how to get the most accurate reading in every instance. We also explain how to use the free ElcoMaster software to record and report data accurately and effortlessly.Feedback on Masterclasses has been amazing. Customers from different industries have attended and many of these customers have sent additional colleagues to subsequent events after receiving feedback from delegates. We’re always delighted to see our customers using Elcometer equipment expertly.

If you are interested in joining one of ourElcometer 456 Masterclasses in the UK, email for more information.