Creating a Project for your Inspection Data in ElcoMaster® Mobile

ElcoMaster® allows you to download and archive all of your measurement data via a mobile device, allowing you to generate inspection reports wherever you are.

All of your measurements, documentation, and reports are stored under a project name. The project can be called anything you want, however it would usually be things like the production line being monitored, the asset being inspected, or even your customer or client’s name. The choice is yours.

Under the project name you have the ability to create any number of folders, and folders within folders, to store your inspection data in the way that makes sense to you. Store data by day, month or year, by location or block number, product type or coating layer – it is completely your choice.

You can also add messages to your inspection data and documentation. If you’re using the Cloud feature, these instant messages can be sent and received anywhere, allowing you to immediately discuss key points or send work instructions, whether you’re on-site, on the production line, or back in the office.

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