What is a pressure relief valve?

When it comes to dry abrasive blasting, especially if you are blasting at high pressures with one of Elcometer’s 12 or 15bar rated blast machines, safety is vital. That’s why global safety standards require that a pressure relief valve should be incorporated somewhere within your blast system.

Pressure relief valves are designed to open when the operating pressure exceeds the maximum working pressure of the blast machine. Without a relief valve, the excess pressure levels could cause damage to your blast equipment, and potential harm to yourself.

So with that in mind, it’s vital to ensure you are blasting with a pressure relief valve fitted. That’s where Elcometer’s Remote Control Valve comes in.

You see the Elcometer RCV4000+ comes with an integrated Air Manifold with multiple air outlets, allowing you to attach ancillary equipment, such as pressure gauges to monitor your compressed air pressure, ball vibration units to fluidise the media flow, and air supply for your breathe air filter.

There’s also an air outlet specifically for your pressure relief valve, making it easy to fit to your blast machine.

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