Verifying the Accuracy of Elcometer 130 Salt Contamination Meters using Elcometer Calibration Tiles

In order to accurately measure the level and density of salt contamination of a sample, each Elcometer 130 gauge measures the conductivity or the flow of electricity through a liquid. The higher the conductivity, the higher the concentration of soluble salts within the sample.

Whilst best practice states each gauge should be verified before starting an inspection, the frequency of gauge verification is often dependant on your internal inspection policies, or the test method or standard you are working to.

By using the Elcometer 130’s Calibration Verification Tiles, you can quickly verify the accuracy of your Elcometer 130 anytime and anywhere.

The Elcometer Calibration Verification Tiles are used to check each gauge’s measurement electrodes by accurately simulating known salt concentrations. So, by comparing the results on the gauge with the values on the tile, you can quickly and accurately confirm that your Elcometer 130 is working within specification.

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