Using the Elcometer 456 Zero Offset Calibration in accordance with ISO 19840 on Ferrous Substrates

The Elcometer 456 Dry Film Thickness Gauge can accurately measure the thickness of a coating on smooth, and on rough or blast coated substrates.

If you are regularly measuring coatings that have been applied to the same target thickness, and on the same substrate material, then you can save time using the Elcometer 456’s Auto Calibration mode.

Auto Calibration provides rapid, error-free, on-site calibration, by allowing you to enter the foil thickness values you regularly use to calibrate, once – so you don’t have to adjust the values manually every time you calibrate.

Whether calibrating for use on smooth or on rough, blast coated surfaces; Auto Calibration can help save you time without compromising on accuracy.

Compared to the smooth or rough calibration procedures, Auto Calibration allows you to follow the same steps, but without having to adjust the foil thickness or zero values on the gauge; allowing you to spend less time calibrating, and more time inspecting.

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