Quality is at the heart of everything we do, it’s in every part we make, every manufacturing process we follow, every service and support we provide...

Quality & Reliability
Quality is in our heritage. We are what we are today due to the quality mindset across all our departments and facilities around the world. It is because of this commitment to quality that every gun comes with a 3 year warranty. We know that if we stand by our products, so will you.

Technology & Expertise
From the very beginning, we have maintained the highest standards in design and product development in order to exceed the most demanding coating processes. The knowledge and experience within our Spray Equipment Division are second to none, which is why our spray guns have some of the highest transfer efficiencies on the market today, helping you to work faster and more productively than ever.

Service & Support
We put product training and technical support at the forefront of everything we do. Our commercial offices and technical training teams around the world are one of the cornerstones of our brand.

We believe that being here to support you is critical to your success.