Recording Pull-Off Adhesion Results using the Updated Elcometer 510

Ensuring consistent, repeatable pull-off adhesion test results on a wide range of substrates - the Elcometer 510 Automatic Pull-Off Adhesion Tester is now better than ever, thanks to an update to the gauges’ attributes feature.

You see, many National and International Standards require the user to record both the pull-off force, and the nature of the failure as an estimated percentage to the nearest 10%.

When the Elcometer 510 is set to Advanced Mode, once a pull-off test has been completed, the gauge allows you to record the nature of the fracture – adhesive or cohesive – against the reading, and is stored within the batch.

What’s more, the Elcometer 510 now allows you to store any combination of two failures where appropriate – whether it’s up to two adhesive failures (a failure at the interface between layers), two cohesive failures (a failure within the body of a coating layer, or the substrate when testing on concrete), or a combination of both adhesive and cohesive failures.

If you already use the Elcometer 510, you can update your gauge using our free software application for PC, ElcoMaster, to access all the latest features.

Click here to download the script in English