How to measure material thickness with precision using the Elcometer 307 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge


Designed to measure the thickness of thin materials with pinpoint accuracy, the Elcometer 307 delivers accurate and repeatable thickness measurements.


This ultrasonic precision thickness gauge has a measurement range of 0.15mm (0.006”) to 25.40mm (1.000”) and can measure the material thickness of thin uncoated materials, such as steel, titanium and plastic with ±1% accuracy.


Ultrasonic thickness measurement is used to perform non-destructive material thickness assessment from one side of the sample. An ultrasonic sound pulse, generated by a transducer, travels through the test material and is reflected off the change in density boundary – normally the back wall of the sample. This returning sound wave is picked up by the same transducer, allowing the gauge to display the material thickness.


Using an intelligent single element transducer, together with the delay line, in Interface Echo (I-E) mode, the Elcometer 307 Precision Thickness Gauge can measure materials as thin as 0.15mm (0.006”). When using Plastic Mode (PLAS), this precision thickness gauge can measure plastics up to 5mm thick.


The Interface Echo (I-E) mode is a highly accurate measurement mode, which measures the total thickness from the top surface to the material density boundary. The Plastic (PLAS) mode is used for measuring very thin plastics. The delay line is used when measuring thin materials as it delays the sound wave, allowing the gauge to measure material thickness of thin materials with precision.


The Elcometer 307 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge, when in scan mode, allows material thickness measurements to be taken at a rate of 16Hz (16 readings per second) – ideal for measuring large surface areas.


Compatible with ElcoMaster®, PC and Mobile App, readings can be downloaded via USB or Bluetooth® to PC, iOS or Android™ devices for instant reporting.


Key features of the Elcometer 307 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge include:


  • Hi & Lo limit indicators provide indication of problem areas
  • 2-Point, 1-Point, Material, Velocity, Thickness Set & Factory calibration options, allowing accurate measurements of a wide range of materials
  • Up to 3 programmable calibration memories, allows the user to select a saved calibration method without the need to recalibrate the gauge
  • Intelligent transducer attached with auto recognition, ensures correct probe is identified when transducer is changed