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Elcometer 205, 206 & 206DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges - Discontinued


Replaced by the Elcometer MTG6

The Elcometer 205, 206 & 206DL are hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauges that allow you to make reliable thickness measurements or scan a length of material for defects, or for the thinnest point.

Each gauge comes with 3 calibration options: single point, 2 point and speed of sound selection - allowing accurate measurements on a wide range of materials. Compatible with a wide range of measurement transducers, these ultrasonic thickness gauges are available with or without memory and all come with a  backlight for measuring in darkened environments. Transducers are supplied separately.

Elcometer 205, 206 &  206DL Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
Elcometer 205 Ultrasonic Thickness GaugeElcometer 206 &  206DL Ultrasonic Thickness GaugesElcometer 206 &  206DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Technical Specification

Part Number - - -
Model Elcometer 205 Elcometer 206 Elcometer 206DL
Scan Mode
Differential Mode  
Alarm Mode  
Data Output (Immediate)  
Data Logging     1000 readings
ElcoMaster® software    
Maximum Measurement Range 0.63 - 500mm (0.025 - 20”), dependent on transducer and material
Velocity Range 1250 - 10000m/s (0.0492 - 0.3930 in/µs)
Accuracy ±0.1mm (0.004”), dependent on material and conditions
Resolution 0.01mm (0.001”)
Units Millimeters and inches
Operating Temperature -30°C to 50°C (-20°F to 120°F)
Keypad Type Sealed Membrane
Display 114mm (4½") Digit Liquid Crystal Display with backlight
Battery Type

AA 1.5V Alkaline or 1.2V NiCad cell

Battery Life 200 hours Alkaline/120 hours NiCad
Weight 295g (10oz)
Dimensions 63 x 120 x 31mm (2.5 x 4.75 x 1.25”)
Packing List Elcometer 205 or 206DL gauge, bottle of couplant, 2 x batteries, carry case, calibration certificate and operating instructions.
Elcometer 206DL: CD with ElcoMaster® software and data transfer cable

ASTM E 797, EN 15317


Calibration Certificate supplied as standard


- Ultrasonic Couplant 120ml (4fl oz) Bottle


Ultrasonic Couplant; 120ml (4fl oz), Pack of 5 Bottles

- Ultrasonic Couplant – 300ml (10fl oz) Bottle
- Ultrasonic Couplant – 500ml (17fl oz) Bottle
- Ultrasonic Couplant – 3.8l (1 US Gallon) Bottle
- High Temperature Ultrasonic Couplant; 398°C (750°F) – 60ml (2fl oz)

High Temperature Couplant; 60ml (2fl oz), Pack of 2

- Test Wedge: 2 - 25mm in 6 steps
- Test Wedge: 30 - 100mm in 8 steps