It's All In The Numbers


What is an IP gauge rating for and can a protective case make any difference?

The design of any electrical instrument's enclosure can be determined by how effective it is at stopping the intrusion of foreign bodies such as dirt and moisture. This resistance can be determined by the product's IP rating.

International Protection (IP) standards IEC 529, BS EN 60529 or its US equivalent, Nema, work as a rating

system for protection against solids and liquids.

The first number determines how resistant the housing is to solid particles of various sizes. The second number, it's resistance to water ingress.

The higher each number, the more resistant the design. For example, whilst IP54 has dust protection which can prevent harm and has protection from water splashed in any direction, IP67 means that the housing will protect the gauge from dust and water ingress when it is immersed in up to 1m of water.

Although not considered part of the gauge's IP certification process, a removable protective cover can improve the 'IP performance' of your gauge.

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