Introducing the Elcometer 480 Single, Dual and Triple Angle Glossmeter

Introducing the Elcometer 480 single, dual and triple angle glossmeter range from Elcometer - a digital gloss meter with 20°, 60° and 85° measuring angles.

A gloss meter with all the features that you come to expect from an Elcometer designed and manufactured product, such as ease of use, menu-driven colour display, robust and ergonomic design, statistics and graphing, USB & Bluetooth® to Android™ and iPhone mobile devices, the new Elcometer 480 single, dual and triple angle glossmeters set new standards in the field of hand-held gloss measurement.

Glossmeters measure gloss by directing light at a fixed angle (known as the angle of incidence), onto the test surface. The glossmeter measures the amount of light that gets reflected off the surface through a photo detector, which is positioned at the same angle opposite to the light source.

Typically, the more light that’s reflected, the glossier the surface is, as high gloss surfaces reflect light distinctively. Semi-gloss and matt surfaces, on the other hand, diffuse the light, scattering it in all directions. The more uniformly the light is scattered, the less intense the reflection of light onto the photodetector, resulting in a lower gloss reading.

The measurement angle, or angle of incidence, can also affect the amount of light reflected. This is because the perception of gloss can vary widely between different viewing angles. For example, matt surfaces can still appear glossy under typical room lighting when viewed from a low angle.

So to ensure you take gloss measurements that best represent the visual appearance of the surface, several measurement angles are used. These angles have been defined by National & International Standards bodies, and the various Test Methods. These angles are typically 20°, 60°, and 85°; and for some industries, 45° and 75° are also used.

Whilst there are single angle gauges to meet the specialised 45° or 75° angles; in order to meet the majority of the market, glossmeters are typically supplied having either a single 60° measurement angle, dual 20° and 60° measurement angles, or triple 20°, 60° and 85° measurement angles - can be supplied with or without statistics or memory to store readings; data output via USB or Bluetooth to export those readings into a spreadsheet; or into data management software, such as ElcoMaster® for example – which allows you to generate professional inspection reports, instantly.

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