How to measure dry film thickness using the Elcometer 415 Paint and Powder Thickness Gauge

Certain dry film thickness applications require specific designs of coating thickness gauges to ensure simple and easy inspection. The Elcometer 415 Paint & Powder Thickness Gauge provides fast and accurate coating thickness measurements on smooth and thin industrial paint and powder coatings.

Powder coatings are widely used for coating metals to ensure a high quality finish and performance of products and components at the end of their manufacturing process.

Powder coatings give a corrosion resistant, appealing and durable finish to metal, and are often considered the most effective process option from both an environmental and cost perspective.

The effectiveness of the cure process and the quality of the final coating can be assessed using a range of inspection instruments. One of the key parameters used to assess against the coating specification is coating thickness measurement.

Simple to use, with no complicated instructions, the Elcometer 415 Paint & Powder Thickness Gauge makes dry paint and powder coating thickness measurements on flat or curved substrates really easy. Ideal for measuring dry film thickness on thin and smooth coated substrates, the Elcometer 415 can be used on the production line or the QA station.

The Elcometer 415 coating thickness gauge is fitted with a built-in (integral) probe - either ferrous (F) or ferrous and non- ferrous (FNF).

Ferrous (F) probes are suitable for measuring thickness of non-magnetic coatings, such as paints, varnishes, plastics, rubbers on ferro-magnetic substrates, including steel, magnetic stainless steel and cast iron.

Non-ferrous (NF) probes are suitable for non-conducting coatings on non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, aluminium alloys, non-magnetic stainless steels, copper and zinc.

The Elcometer 415 paint and powder thickness gauge, using the dual FNF probe, automatically switches between ferrous and non-ferrous substrates and is ideal for testing painted materials and components that are made of both magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

Key features of the Elcometer 415 Paint & Powder Thickness Gauge include:

  • Fast & accurate - inspect more in less time
  • Easy to use & calibrate - no complicated instructions
  • Robust, reliable & affordable

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