How to do a Grid Corrosion Inspection using the Elcometer MTG8 & PTG8

Throughout the service life of an asset; such as a pipeline, a pressure vessel, or a storage tank for example; it is necessary to do regular non-destructive testing using an ultrasonic thickness gauge, to inspect for corrosion.

One way of doing this inspection, is to use a grid. Using a grid allows you to inspect large areas in an organised way, clearly mark and identify areas of concern, and helps you easily report to the asset manager exactly where corrosion is occurring. Also, by repeating grid-based inspections in the same location over time, this allows you to predict corrosion rates, and perform preventative maintenance to avoid a breakdown.

To help you undertake and report grid-based corrosion inspections quickly and easily; the Elcometer MTG8 Material Thickness Gauge, designed for measuring both coated and uncoated materials; and the Elcometer PTG8 Precision Thickness Gauge, designed to measure thin uncoated materials; both come with Grid Batching, which allows you to save your readings instantly into a grid making it easy to complete and report your inspection.

A batch is a group of readings, which could be saved sequentially or into a grid format, and you can have multiple batches which represent multiple locations around your asset.

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