Elcometer P610 Timber Metal Detector - Discontinued


Discontinued Product – for servicing use only

The Elcometer P610 has been designed specifically to accurately locate ferrous metal objects - such as gate hooks, nails, staples and even shrapnel - in timber, logs and wood of all types.

Mill downtime, saw doctoring costs, and missed delivery schedules all make hitting metal in timber a very costly mistake. Buying and transporting timber to a sawmill, only to have it rejected becasue of metal contamination, wastes both both time and money. The answer to these costly problems is the Elcometer P610.

  • Auto-Zero button for exact pinpointing of the metal object
  • Analogue meter shows the signal strength - allowing you to identify the orientation of the metal object
  • Stable and reliable results - the Elcometer P610 searches equally well through wet and dry, hot or cold, hardwoods and softwoods
  • Loudspeaker volume control and locket for headphones (for noisy environments)

Technical Specification

Part Number

Elcometer P610 Timber Metal Detector with Charger

Main Unit2.33 x 1.80 x 1.0cm (0.9 x 0.7 x 0.4”)
Search Head Diameter22cm (8.7”)
Weight850g (1.87lb)
Power Supply
Internal Rechargeable Battery (supplied with charger unit)