Elcometer P130 Wall Tie & Stud Locator - Discontinued


Discontinued Product – for servicing use only

The Elcometer P130 will rapidly and precisely locate mild steel or stainless steel wall tie and also make an excellent stud locator / stud detector.

This small, battery operated gauge has:

  • High-impact ABS control unit in tough leather case
  • Search coils encapsulated in epoxy resin for unmatched ruggedness
  • Built-in loudspeaker for clear audio signal; Standard 3.5mm (0.14") stereo jack socket for headphones if required
  • Single control button for on/off and sensitivity/backoff control

Key Features:

  • Fast and accurate - the strongest signal is in the middle of the search head making it easy to pin point the wall ties. A clear audio tone helps to identify the quick and precise location without the need to keep looking at the meter
  • No need to re-zero - the Elcometer P130 is very stable in all weather conditions
  • Designed with the needs of the operator in mind - easy to use, built to last, supplied with leather case and shoulder strap
  • Single Handed Operation - for safety and convenience when working on scaffold or ladders

Technical Specification

Part Number
-Elcometer P130/D Wall-Tie Locator - Mild-Steel
Elcometer P130/E Wall-Tie Locator – Mild & Stainless Steel with shoulder strap
Packing List
Elcometer P130/D: complete with 100mm (4") Locator Search Coil , Leather Case & Plastic Carry Case, 4 x LR6 (AA) batteries, operating instructions
Packing List
Elcometer P130/E: complete with 100mm (4") Locator Search Coil, 150mm (6") Stainless Steel Search Coil, Leather case with shoulder strap, Plastic Carry Case, 4 x LR6 (AA) batteries, operating instructions