Elcometer 7061 MarSurf PS1 Surface Roughness Tester - Discontinued


Replaced by the Elcometer 7062 MarSurf PS10 Surface Roughness Tester

The Elcometer 7061 surface roughness tester is a lightweight and portable measuring solution for the range of surface roughness measurements required for compliance with International Standards.

In protective coating applications, there is a requirement to measure surface roughness.

Measurements of surface roughness are expressed in terms of Ra, Rz or Tp. These values include peak-to-valley profile measurement in combination with an assessment of the frequency of peaks within the sample area.

The Elcometer 7061 surface roughness tester is suitable for assessing surface roughness conditions in a wide range of general industrial applications; particularly where the sample is too large to bring to the laboratory.

  • Multi-Lingual Display: All the required information is displayed on the screen in a choice of 14 languages.
  • Flexible: Can be used in virtually any position; horizontally, vertically, upside down. A height adjustment accessory to accommodate various sample sizes is supplied with each gauge as standard.
  • Integrated Calibration Standard: No external calibration standard is required; provides greater ease of use.
  • Drive Unit: Can be rotated and moved longitudinally; enables the stylus pick-up to be moved to the calibrating position. The stylus pick-up is also protected for transport in this position.
  • Stylus pick-up with removable protection: 2µm (80µin) diamond stylus tip with a measuring force of 0.7 mN. Different stylus’ are available for various applications.

Technical Specification

Part NumberDescription
-Elcometer 7061 MarSurf PS1 Surface Roughness Tester
Unit of MeasurementMetric, inch
Measuring PrincipleStylus Method
Stylus Pick-Up SuppliedInductive skidded stylus pick-up, 2µm (80µin) stylus tip, measuring force approx. 0.7 mN
Parameters24 (with tolerance limits): Ra, Rq, Rz equiv. to Ry (JIS), Rz (JIS), Rmax, Rp, Rp (ASME),
Rpm (ASME), Rpk, Rk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo, Rt, R3z, RPc, Rmr equiv. to Tp (JIS,
ASME), RSm, R, Ar, Rx
Measuring range350µm, 180µm, 90µm (changes automatically)
Profile resolution32nm, 16nm, 8nm (changes automatically)
Filter†Phase-correct profile filter (Gaussian filter) according to DIN EN ISO 11562, special filter
according to DIN EN ISO 13565-1, ls filter according to DIN EN ISO 3274 (can be disabled)
Cutoff lc†0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm; automatic (0.010”, 0.030”, 0.100”)
Traversing length Lt†1.75mm, 5.6mm, 17.5mm; automatic (0.069”, 0.22”, 0.69”)
Traversing length (acc. to MOTIF)1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm (0.040”, 0.080”, 0.160”, 0.320”, 0.480”, 0.640”)
Short cutoff†Selectable
Evaluation length ln†1.25mm, 4.0mm, 12.50mm (0.050”, 0.15”, 0.50”)
Number n of sampling lengths†Selectable: 1 to 5
Calibration functionDynamic
Memory capacityMax. 15 profiles, max. 20,000 results
Other functionsBlocking of settings (code-protected), date/time
BatteryLi-ion battery
InterfacesUSB, MarConnect (RS232)
Dimensions140mm × 50mm × 70mm (5.51” × 1.97” × 2.76”)
Weight400g (0.88lbs)
Long-range power supply100V to 264V
Packing ListElcometer 7061 MarSurf PS1 base unit, drive unit, 1 x standard stylus pick-up, built-in
battery, roughness standard integrated into casing, height adjustment accessory, stylus
pick-up protection, universal charger / mains adapter, USB cable, carry case with shoulder
strap and belt loop, calibration certificate and operating instructions

† According to ISO/JIS


ASTM D7127, ASME B46, DIN 4768, EN 10049, ISO 4287, ISO 4287/1, JIS B 0601, SSPC PA 17

Standards in grey have been superseded but are still recognised in some industries.