Elcometer 3045 Persoz & König Pendulum Hardness Tester - Discontinued


Discontinued Product – for servicing use only

The Elcometer 3045 Pendulum Hardness Tester provides reliable & repeatable measurements of coating hardness using either the Persoz or König pendulum testing method.

The Elcometer 3045 Persoz & König Pendulum Hardness Tester is equipped with a number of unique features designed to maximise repeatability and reproducibility of the pendulum hardness test method.

Using infrared technology, the Elcometer 3045 provides a fully automated  Persoz or König pendulum hardness test with no human intervention ensuring accurate, repeatable results.

Simply fit the pendulum on to the loading pins, load the sample and close the door. The pendulum automatically moves to the start position, the sample table rises and the test begins.

The fully automated calibration procedure provides confidence in the test results. The Elcometer 3045 Persoz & König Pendulum Hardness Tester performs a full calibration routine using the glass calibration tile supplied; if the gauge is out of specification then, it automatically adjusts to meet the specified standard.

The Elcometer 3045 Persoz & König Pendulum Hardness Tester can be used in accordance with standards; 
ASTM D 4366, BS 3900 E5, DIN 53157, ISO 1522, NF T30-016.

The sturdy and robust design provides a stable environment for tests ensuring repeatable and consistent coating hardness results. Compatible with ElcoMaster® software, measurements of coating hardness can be transferred via PC for further analysis and report generation.

Technical Specification

Elcometer 3045 Persoz & König Pendulum Hardness Tester  
PendulumPersoz PendulumKönig Pendulum
Oscillation Period1 second ±0.01 seconds1.4 seconds ±0.02 seconds
Measurement Deflection12° to 4°6° to 3°
Damping Time on Glass 430 seconds ±15 seconds250 seconds ±10 seconds
Number of Oscillations430 ±15 oscillations172 to 185 oscillations
Maximum Specimen
Panel Dimensions
200 x 110 x 14mm
(7.85 x 4.33 x 0.55”) 
500 x 330 x 760mm
(19.7 x 13 x 29.9”) 
Operating Temperature5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
Instrument Weight17kg (37.5lb)
 Packing List

Elcometer 3045 Persoz & König Pendulum Tester, Glass Test Piece, Dual Axis Bubble Level, 20 x Glass Cleaning Wipes, Cleaning Cloth, 3 x Pin Release Wire, 2 x Arm Slide Wear Plate, Spare Fuse (315mA), Mains Leads: UK, EUR & US, RS232 Cable, ElcoMaster® Software, Test Certificate, User Guide (please order Pendulum separately)


ASTM D 4366, BS 3900 E5, DIN 53157, ISO 1522, NF T30-016

Standards in grey have been superseded but are still recognised in some industries.