Elcometer 157 Coating Thickness Gauge - Discontinued


Replaced by the Elcometer 211 Mechanical Coating Thickness Gauge

This simple, pull-off coating thickness gauge is a top-pocket, lightweight, foreman’s type gauge for spot check indications of coating thicknesses.

  • Insensitive to hot and cold coatings or surfaces - ideal for hot sprayed metal coatings for immediate dry film thickness results
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • 3 scales on the instrument body: mils, microns and linear
  • Pre-calibrated with no adjustment required

Technical Specification

Part NumberDescription
-Elcometer 157 Coating Thickness Gauge
RangesThree scales printed on the body: 0 - 600µm, 0 - 25mils, linear (0 - 10 equally spaced divisions)
Accuracy±15% of the reading
Packing ListElcometer 157, protective case, graph card and operating instructions