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Elcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile Gauge

The Elcometer 224 provides the very latest in surface profile measuring technology for measuring profile on either flat or curved surfaces.

Fast, accurate and very user friendly, the Elcometer 224 Surface Profile Gauge is available with or without memory and Bluetooth®.

The Elcometer 224 surface profile meter is available in two different models: Model B and Model T. Each surface profile gauge provides the user with increasing functionality - from the entry level Elcometer 224 Model B, to the top of the range Elcometer 224 Model T, with memory, alpha-numeric batching and Bluetooth® communication.
Standard and armoured probes are available for the separate models, providing even greater measurement flexibility.  Elcometer surface profile probes are supplied with a glass zero plate, calibration test foils (nominal values 125µm (5.0mils) & 508µm (20mils) and an Elcometer Test Certificate.

Surface Profile Gauge

Profile Gauge

Measuring Surface Profile

2.4” colour screen provides enhanced reading visibility at all angles

Ergonomic design for comfort during continuous use

Integral or separate probes measure profiles up to 500μm (20mils) on flat or curved surfaces1


User Friendly

  • Large buttons ideal for gloved hands
  • Easy to use menus in multiple languages
  • High contrast colour LCD with auto rotate
  • High and low reading limit indicators
  • Factory calibrated for immediate use


  • Measurement capability to ±5%
  • Can be used in accordance with National and International Standards
  • Temperature stable measurements
  • Statistics are calculated and displayed in real time
  • Live and batch readings graph format for instant analysisElcometer 224 Surface Profile Gauges


  • Repeatable and reproducible measurements
  • 2 year gauge warranty
  • Supplied with fully traceable Test Certificates
  • Batch & individual readings are date and time stamped


  • Sealed, heavy duty and impact resistant
  • Dust and waterproof equivalent to IP64
  • Suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Scratch and solvent resistant display
  • Durable gauge and probe construction


  • Fast reading rate of 50+ per minute
  • Integral and separate probe versions to suit your application
  • Alpha numeric batch identification
  • Compatible with ElcoMaster® and ElcoMaster® Mobile AppCompatible with mobile devices
  • Powersave mode with tap awake


  • User replaceable tough tungsten carbide tip - can be used for up to 20,000 readings
  • USB and Bluetooth® data output to iPhone* or Android™ devices
  • Stores up to 150,000 readings in 2,500 batches
  • Measures profiles up to 500μm (20 mils)


1 Applicable Patents: GB2505193, US9261345


* Compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad


Elcometer 224 Model T: Made for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad mini, iPad 2, and iPod touch (4th and 5th generation).

“Made for iPod,” “Made for iPhone,” and “Made for iPad” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, iPhone, or iPad, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod, iPhone, or iPad may affect wireless performance.

iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Suitable for mobile devices running Android™ software version 2.1 and upwards. Android™ and Google Play  are trademarks of Google Inc.

Elcometer 224 Surface Profile Gauge
Elcometer 224 Integral Surface Profile GaugeElcometer 224 Separate Surface Profile GaugeElcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile Gauge

Technical Specification

Model Options      
Part Number  


Integral Gauge Separate Gauge^    
E224C-BI E224C-BS Elcometer 224 Model B Digital Surface Profile Gauge
E224C-TI E224C-TS Elcometer 224 Model T Digital Surface Profile Gauge


^ Probes are supplied separately
 Test Certificate supplied as standard.



Product Features



□ Optional

  Model B Model T

Fast, accurate reading rate; 50+ readings per minute^

Repeatable & reproducible measurements 

Easy to use menu structure; in 30+ languages

Tough, impact, water & dust resistant; equivalent to IP64

 Bright colour screen; with permanent back light

Scratch & solvent resistant display; 2.4” (6cm) TFT

Large positive feedback buttons

Flat & convex surfaces*

USB power supply; via PC

Test certificate

2 year gauge warranty

Automatic rotating display; 0°, 90°, 180° & 270°

Ambient light sensor; with adjustable auto brightness

Emergency light mode

Gauge software updates¹; via ElcoMaster® software

Data output

USB; to computer

Bluetooth®: to computer, Android™ & iOSǂ devices


On screen statistics

Number of readings; η, Mean (average); x, Standard deviation; σ,
Highest reading; Hi, Lowest reading; Lo, Coefficient of variation; CV%

High & low limits; definable audible & visual alarms


Number above high limit;


Number below low limit; Lo


ElcoMaster® software & USB cable


Alarm; daily (d), interval (i)



Date and time stamp for each reading


Replaceable screen protectors

Protective case

Plastic transit case

Measurement range

0-500μm (20 mils)

0-500μm (20 mils)

On-screen calibration instructions; in 30+ languages

Number of batches



Gauge memory; number of readings

Last 5


Calibration lock


Delete last reading


Limits; user definable audible & visual pass/fail warnings


Gauge (g) or gauge & batch specific (gb) limits



Batch types; normal, counted average


Review, clear & delete batches


Copy batches and calibration settings


Alpha-numeric batch names; user definable on the gauge


Fixed batch size mode; with batch linking


Trend Graph; last 20 readings


Review batch graph



^Up to 25 readings per minute for the convex probe

* USA Patent Number: 9,261,345

† The Elcometer 224 is extendable within 60 days from date of purchase, free of charge, to 2 years 

¹Internet connection required

ǂ Visit to find out how to integrate Elcometer's MFi certified products to your App        

2Up to the last 5 readings can be deleted

Technical specification


Display information

2.4” (6cm) QVGA colour TFT display, 320 x 240 pixels

Battery type

2 x AA dry cell batteries, rechargeable batteries can also be used

Battery life

Approximately 24 hours of continuous use at 1 reading per second#

Minimum Headroom 

Integral: 185mm (7.3”)

Separate: See Accessories

Gauge dimensions
(h x w x d) 

Integral: 168 x 73 x 37mm (5.61 x 2.87 x 1.46”)

Separate: 141 x 73 x 37mm (5.55 x 2.87 x 1.46”)

Gauge weight
(including batteries) 

Integral: 218g (7.69oz)

Separate: 161g (5.68oz)

Measurement range

0-500μm (0-20mils)

Probe tip

Tungsten carbide tip 60° angle; Tip Radius: 50μm (2mil)

Operating temperature

-10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)

Storage temperature

-10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)

Accuracy & Resolution

Accuracy*: ±5% or ±5μm (±0.2mil); Resolution: 1μm (0.1mil)

Packing List†

Elcometer 224 gauge, glass zero tile, 2 x calibration foils†, wrist harness, plastic transit
case (T), protective case, screen protector, probe protection cap†, 2 x AA batteries, test
certificate, operating instructions, USB cable (T) & ElcoMaster® software (T)


* Whichever is the greater   

# Using default settings & lithium batteries, alkaline or rechargeable batteries may differ

† For separate gauges, the test foils, glass zero tile and protection cap are supplied with the separate probe


ASTM D 4417-B, SANS 5772, SSPC PA 17, US Navy NSI 009-32, US Navy PPI 63101-000


Flat Surface Profile Probes

Flat Surface Profile Probes

Supplied with either standard cables or armoured metal reinforced heavy duty cables, Elcometer surface profile probes are supplied with a glass zero plate, calibration test foils; nominal values 125μm (5.0mils) & 508μm (20mils) and an Elcometer test certificate.




Technical Specification



Range: 0-500μm (0-20mils)

Resolution: 1μm (0.1mil)

Accuracy: ±5% or ±5μm (±0.2mil)

Probe Design

Part Number


Minimum Sample

Flat Surface: Standard


125mm (4.92”)

25mm (1.0”)

Flat Surface: Armoured


165mm (6.50”)

25mm (1.0”)


Convex Surface Profile Probe

Convex Surface Profile Probes

Supplied with either standard cables or armoured metal reinforced heavy duty cables, Elcometer convex surface profile probes are supplied with a glass zero tile, calibration test foils (nominal values 125μm (5.0mils) & 508μm (20mils) and an Elcometer test certificate.



Technical specification



Range: 0-500μm (0-20mils)

Resolution: 1μm (0.1mil)

Accuracy: ±5% or ±5μm (±0.2mil)

Probe Design

Part Number


Minimum Pipe

Convex Surface: Standard*


135mm (5.31”)

75mm (3.0”)

Convex Surface: Armoured*


175mm (6.89”)

75mm (3.0”)



* USA Patent Number: 9,261,345

Elcometer 224 probes are covered by a 1 year warranty



T22420053 Replacement Probe Tips; Pack of 2 with Fixing Tool
T22420095 Replacement Probe Tips; Pack of 5
T22419793 Probe Tip Protection Cap

Certified Calibration Test Kit:
125μm & 500μm (5 & 20mils) Calibration Foils, Glass Zero Tile & Calibration Certificate

T22420072 Glass Zero Tile
T99921325 USB Cable
T99924797 USB Bluetooth Adaptor (V2.0+) - for PC's without Bluetooth
T99922341 Self Adhesive Screen Protectors (x10)
T99923369 Protective Case
T22423371 Plastic Transit Case



Instruction Manual




full instructions   multi lingual instructions