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Elcometer 456 IPC Dry Film Thickness Gauge

The Elcometer 456 Industrial Protective Coating Thickness Gauge is designed to measure dry film thickness on shot or grit blasted steel substrates.

Pre-calibrated with 4 profile ranges to ensure accurate coating thickness measurement on blasted substrates, the Elcometer 456 IPC Thickness Gauge is fast and very easy to use.


Profile Ranges

The user selectable surface profiles include smooth, fine, medium and coarse ranges. The gauge’s built in integral ferrous probe allows thickness measurements to be taken on flat or curved surfaces, in mils or microns.  
















With a reading rate of 70+ readings per minute, the gauge displays three individual thickness readings together with the average. 

Coating thickness readings can be transferred via Bluetooth® or USB to ElcoMaster®, or your own software application, for instant report generation.


Key features of the Elcometer 456 IPC Dry Film Thickness Gauge include:

  • Pre-calibrated with 4 profile ranges
  • Displays 3 individual readings together with their average in microns or mils
  • Built in integral probe for stable, repeatable readings on flat or curved surfaces
  • Easy to use menu structure in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese & Japanese
  • USB or Bluetooth® data output to the ElcoMaster® or your own software application

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Elcometer 456 IPC Thickness Gauge
Elcometer 456 IPC Dry Film Thickness GaugeElcometer 456 Industrial Protective Coating Thickness GaugeElcometer 456 IPC Thickness Gauge

Technical Specification

Part Number




Elcometer 456 IPC Dry Film Thickness Gauge

Built in probe type


Reading Rate

70+ readings per minute


0 - 1500μm (0 - 60mils)


10μm / 1mil (where 5µm / 0.5 mil is rounded up)



Minimum Substrate Thickness

300μm (12mils)

Operating Temperature

-10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)

Power Supply

2 x AA batteries (rechargeable batteries can be used)

Battery Life2

Alkaline: Approx. 16 hours

Lithium: Approx. 24 hours

Weight (including batteries)

156g (5.5oz)

Gauge Dimensions

141 x 73 x 37mm (5.55 x 2.87 x 1.46")

Packing List

Elcometer 456 IPC Gauge, calibration foils, wrist harness, protective case,

1 x screen protector, USB cable, test certificate, 2 x AA batteries & user guide



ASTM D7091, ISO 2808, ISO 19840, SSPC PA-2, US Navy NSI 009-32



1 When in test calibration mode

2 Rechargeable batteries may differ

Certificate supplied as standard.



Using the Elcometer 456 IPC in accordance with SSPC-PA2 & NSI 009-32

Reduce coating thickness inspection times on blast cleaned steel substrates with the Elcometer 456 IPC Dry Film Thickness Gauge. Pre-calibrated with 4 surface profile ranges, in accordance to the NAVSEA Standard Item (NSI) 009-32, the Elcometer 456 IPC is fast and accurate.


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