Using the Zero Calibration feature of the Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge

This video will help you get the best performance from the Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge and make the best use of the gauge’s ±1% accuracy by calibrating the coating thickness instrument to suit the application.

Zero Calibration is a simple method for calibrating on smooth substrates and is sometimes referred to as ‘Single Point Calibration’.

Following the calibration on screen instructions, simply place the probe on the uncoated metal substrate, or Elcometer zero test plates, making sure you have 100% contact with the surface. The gauge will adjust the calibration automatically, and you are ready to start measuring.

Formal quality systems, such as those described in ISO 9001, require coating thickness gauges to be properly controlled, logged and calibrated. Increasingly, users are specifying that the readings taken by thickness gauges are traceable to National Standards.

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