Pinhole & Porosity Videos

Whether you are coating an oil tank or a pipeline; a ballast tank or a flat roof; a filing cabinet or an appliance - there are many parameters that must be monitored or controlled to ensure the coating performs over the lifetime of the product. One of these parameters is how well the coating has “covered” the surface, and if there are any “flaws” in the coating which could lead to a premature coating failure or corrosion. Elcometer offers a comprehensive range of Pinhole Detectors, continuous DC Holiday Detectors and Pulsed DC Holiday Detectors.

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An Introduction to Pinholes and Holidays

Testing for Pinholes with the Wet Sponge Method

How to set up an Elcometer Continuous DC High Voltage Detector

Testing Coating Porosity using an Elcometer Continuous DC High Voltage Holiday Detector

Coating Porosity Detection using the Elcometer 280 Pulse DC Holiday Detector

Choosing the correct probe for your Elcometer High Voltage Holiday Detector

How to repair coating flaws quickly and consistently using the ElcoPatch™