Display Modes on the Elcometer 480 Glossmeter

The Elcometer 480 is an easy to use gloss meter which combines high accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility with functionality making them the most advanced glossmeters on the market today.

The Elcometer 480 gloss meter range of single, dual and triple angle glossmeters offer a range of display modes including:

- Single angle reading
- Dual angle reading
- Triple angle reading
- Readings & user-selectable statistics
- Run charts & statistics
- Readings & differential with pass/fail
- Readings & differential with analogue scan bar
- Gloss, Haze & % Reflectance
- Scan mode & statistics
- Batch review graph

Glossmeters are typically supplied having either a single 60° measurement angle, dual 20° and 60° measurement angles, or triple 20°, 60° and 85° measurement angles - can be supplied with or without statistics or memory to store readings; data output via USB or Bluetooth to export those readings into a spreadsheet; or into data management software, such as ElcoMaster® for example – which allows you to generate professional inspection reports, instantly.

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