As Fuel Prices Rise, Reduce Your Running Costs


Having already experienced increased fuel costs, operators are beginning to consider how they can modify their blast system in order to reduce its financial impact whilst maintaining high performance and quality.

With oil prices set to rise further in 2022, it is predicted the cost of running a diesel compressor could rise by over 65% by the end of the calendar year.

Elcometer's Performance Blast Machines have been designed to reduce fuel costs by minimising frictional pressure losses across the system. Their unique airflow design means that the required pressure can be delivered at the nozzle - even when it is reduced at the compressor input. The ability to do this was demonstrated by our colleagues in Germany who have been working with a number of small fabrication shops to complete a series of trials.

Results showed that by switching from a competitor's pot to an Elcometer Performance Blast Machine, operators were able to continue blasting at the same rate whilst lowering their input pressure, creating considerable savings. When combined with Elcometer grit valves, which can be fine-tuned to run at lower input pressures, further savings can be made to the consumption of grit abrasive.

Overall, Elcometer's Performance Blast Machines combat rising costs by providing a more efficient blast with lower energy costs - saving you money.