A Brief Introduction to Elcometer Blast Machines

Manufactured at our state-of-the-art production facility, and with over 35 years’ experience in blast machine manufacture through our sister company Blast Equipment Limited, Elcometer’s new range of Blast Equipment has been designed from the ground up. Great care has been taken to make sure that each and every component has been designed to be safer, more reliable, efficient, and easier to maintain.

Every item has been designed to optimize your performance in the field – whether it’s our remote control valves, our abrasive media valves, air distribution manifolds, or moisture separators - and what’s more, they are made in Great Britain.

The Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machines are available in a range of sizes, starting at the small 10", 20 litre [0.7cu ft] unit – ideal for small blasting projects, touch up work, or when you need to blast in confined spaces. All the way up to our 24", 285 litre [10.0cu ft.] units, which are perfect for large scale applications which need continuous high production blasting. Elcometer’s portable and static Abrasive Blast Machines are rated to operate up to a maximum working pressure of 12bar [174psi], ensuring you will always have the pressure at the nozzle you need to maximise your productivity.

And for those jobs where you need it, we also have a range of 15bar [217psi] portable and static units, which ensure that no matter how long your blast hose is, you can rest assured that you will be able to have the pressure you need at the nozzle - even if the hose is a little old or wearing out, and no matter what abrasive you are using.

The design of your blast machine, and your blast hose’s diameter, length, age, wear and quality, can all affect the pressure at the nozzle. The pressure at the nozzle, together with the cfm flow rate, has a dramatic effect on blast efficiency and productivity. In fact, for every additional 1psi (0.068bar) above 100psi (6.8bar) at the nozzle, you get a 1.5% increase in productivity.

That is why our blast machines have not only been engineered for minimal pressure loss, but when combined with Elcometer’s 12 or 15bar [174 or 217psi] maximum working pressure, you will always achieve the pressure you need at the nozzle to maximise your productivity, no matter what the condition of your blast hose.

What’s more, to optimise the cfm flow rate through the blast machine, all of our pipework has an internal diameter of 1 ½" (38mm) from the air intake to the Mixer T, allowing you to select a larger nozzle diameter - so you can blast more, in less time.

And, when combined with Elcometer’s Abrasive Media Valves - all of which come with fingertip adjustment so you can precisely control the media flow even when blasting – you will be able to use less abrasive to blast the same area, whilst still achieving the specified profile.

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