Spot Repairs Just Got ‘SMARTer’!


Elcometer has recently introduced the new Sagola SMART Repair Kit - the SMART choice for spot repairs - launched in June 2022 at the Automechanika UK Trade Show. Complete jobs faster whilst using less material with the Sagola Spot Repair Kit, designed for spot and SMART (Small and Medium Area Repair Technique) repairs.

What is Spot Repair?

Spot repair is the process of repairing a car using specialised tools, paint and materials on a localised damaged area.Spot repair avoids the need to remove or repaint the entire vehicle panel.Instead, by seamlessly blending into the paintwork, the spot spray technique allows you to focus on just the damaged area.

Spot repairs mean that damage can be repaired in a matter of hours instead of days. This then has a ripple effect, dramatically reducing the repair cost compared to using a traditional Bodyshop service.

Before Spot Repairs:

  • Cars would be taken to a body repair facility
  • Car owners would be without their cars for days for relatively minor bodywork damage
  • There would be an expensive cost for a simple repair as body panels had to be removed to fix a small scratch or dent

Benefits of Spot Repairs:

  • Cheaper than going to a traditional Bodyshop
  • Focus on one area instead of the entire panel
  • Less time in the Bodyshop – drive away the same day

The Sagola Spot Repair kit contains:

1. Two Sagola Mini Xtreme guns complete with 1.00mm Fluid Nozzle setups:

  • One for Basecoat

- Aqua air cap for water-based basecoats

- HVLP air cap for solvent-based basecoats

  • One for Clearcoat

- EPA air cap for all clearcoats

2. Spare 1.2mm Needle/Nozzle kit for UHS clearcoats (ultra high solids), 2K topcoats, primers, UV primers or thicker basecoats

3. Mini Tech Air Cap for the finest retouches supplied with unique 0.6mm Needle/Nozzle kit – transforming the spray gun into an airbrush

4. 125ml & 200ml Paint Cups suitable for any size repair

5. Two premium Sagola RC1 Flow Regulators for precise control of air, crucial for applying basecoats, drop coats and blending adjacent panels

6. Two 3M™ PPS Disposable Cup Couplings

7. Two Steel Connectors

8. Spray Gun Lubricant Grease for threads to keep parts in perfect condition, each time, everytime!

9. Colour Coded “O” Rings to personalise the guns for easier identification

10. Spray Gun Tool & Cleaning Brush

11. Solid Protective Case laid out to keep everything athand.