Physical Testing Beyond Coatings


Whilst Elcometer has been renowned for providing products for the paint and coatings industry, we are seeing a growing demand for our products across many other industrial sectors.

Whether this is abrasion resistance of papers, textiles or plastics or the film application on new battery technologies or OLED monitors, the Elcometer physical test range has a much wider audience than our traditional paint or ink technology focus. This edition’s technical focus is on viscosity.

Gathering viscosity data on material provides industrial manufacturers with the information that they need to predict how a material will behave in the real world.  Viscosity measurements, for example, are used in the food industry to maximise production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.Viscosity affects the rate at which a product travels through a pipe, how long it takes to set or dry, and the time it takes to dispense the fluid into packaging, which can affect the production efficiency of the plant.

This month, Elcometer has launched a comprehensive re-design of their entire website, which allows users to quickly find the products that they are looking for by business division and industry sector.

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