Importing and Managing you Inspection Data in the ElcoMaster® App

Since Elcometer gauges use Bluetooth®, you can link to more than one gauge at a time to transfer data – either from your gauge’s internal memory or transfer readings live into ElcoMaster®.

The beauty of the ElcoMaster App is that once you have downloaded inspection data from any Bluetooth enabled Elcometer gauge - either from your gauge’s memory, or as you take individual readings - you can generate professional inspection reports directly from the jobsite. And you can send the information to your office, client, or colleagues instantly - via email or the cloud.

All Elcometer inspection gauges fitted with Bluetooth can be linked to any Android or Apple Mobile Device, and all Elcometer Bluetooth gauges come with the coveted “Made for iPhone & iPod” certification.

Recording Live Readings and GPS Location Data

ElcoMaster can also be used to record each individual reading as they are taken – which is ideal for those Elcometer gauges which do not have internal batch memory. Each live reading can also be “tagged” with their GPS location coordinates, so you can see where each reading was taken on a map. GPS tagging can be switched on from within the settings menu, which is located on the ElcoMaster Home Screen.

Taking Live Readings

To take live readings simply tap on the live readings icon next to your gauge. You can do this either from the Home screen, where you then select the project and folder to work in, followed by the live readings icon in the bottom right. Or alternatively select your project and folder first, tap the “+” button, and press the live readings icon from there.
You then create a batch for your readings to be stored in. Simply type in a name, or scan the relevant barcode, then press create. In the top left you’ll see the live readings tab, where each individual reading is displayed as you take it, along with any relevant statistics. 

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