How to measure soluble salts on surfaces using the Elcometer Bresle Test Patch

Discover the benefits of the new Elcometer 135C Bresle Test Patch. With 19% thicker foam walls, high quality adhesive and easy to peel off the substrate leaving no foam residue, the Elcometer 135C Bresle Test Patch is ideal for measuring soluble salts in the field.

Contamination of steel surfaces from soluble salts such as chloride, sulphate, or nitrate ions can lead to premature coating failure. Localized high conductivity areas increase the potential for corrosion to start at these points under a protective coating. By measuring and monitoring the concentration of soluble salts, you can ensure that the surface is clean enough for a coating to be applied.

There are a number of field test methods available for assessing the level of soluble salts on a surface.

Measuring salt contamination using the Bresle MethodBresle Patches are used to determine surface chloride contamination and are self-adhesive rubber film patches with a sealed compartment with an area of 12.5cm2 for sampling soluble impurities from steel surfaces.

The new Elcometer 135C Bresle Test Patch can determine the concentration of soluble salts on uncoated surfaces and can be used in accordance with the ISO 8502-6 test method.

Key features of the Elcometer 135C Bresle Test Patch include:

  • Easy to remove after test, leaving no foam - ideal for use in the field
  • Self adhesive rubber film patches with thick foam surround, easy to insert needle
  • Supplied with Certificate of Cleanliness for peace of mind

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