Creating and Setting Up Collection Templates in ElcoMaster®

Whether you are checking climate conditions or profile, surface cleanliness or thickness, or testing coating adhesion or gloss - how many readings, and where they are taken, are usually defined in advance.

It may be that a specified number of readings must be taken over a given surface area, or on each individual section or structure. If you are on a production line or at goods inwards inspection, each unique component may have specific locations that require special attention.

But how do you know what to inspect, where to inspect it, and how many readings to take? Usually you follow a drawing or work instructions, taking and recording a reading each time “x marks the spot”. 

By using ElcoMaster’s collection template feature with any Bluetooth enabled Elcometer gauge, ElcoMaster automatically guides the user exactly where to take the next measurement, automatically storing each set of values on the drawing itself, which can be displayed in an inspection report - all at the press of a button.

All you need to do is:

  • Create your template;
  • Transfer it to your mobile device;
  • Select which project or folder you want to store the readings in;
  • And follow the on-screen guide, taking measurements with your Bluetooth connected Elcometer gauge.

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