• Adhesion Testing Videos

  • Pull-Off Adhesion Testers provide a definitive adhesion value, ideal for the laboratory or field. Tensile Dollies (or stubs) are glued to the coating and, when the adhesive has cured, the force required to pull the coating off the surface is measured. Elcometer's range of Pull-Off Adhesion Testers are designed to quickly and accurately assess the strength of the bond between the coating and the substrate.

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1. An Introduction to Pull-Off Adhesion on Coated Surfaces

2. Selecting the Dolly Diameter and Gauge

3. Selecting the most Appropriate Position for an Adhesion Test

4. Preparing the Dolly and the Coating

5. To Cut or Not to Cut?

6. The Pull-Off Test

7. Assessing the Result; Glue, Adhesive and Cohesive Failures

8. Measuring the Pull-Off Adhesion of Coatings on Concrete

Recording Pull-Off Adhesion Results with the Elcometer 510

Introducing the Elcometer 107 Cross Hatch Cutter