Safe & Reliable - Elcometer Blast Machines

Manufactured at our state-of-the-art production facility, and with over 35 years’ experience in blast machine manufacture through our sister company Blast Equipment Limited, Elcometer’s new range of Blast Equipment has been designed from the ground up.

From the compressed air hose to the blast nozzle, and everything in between, every component and every detail of an Elcometer Dry Abrasive Blast Machine has been engineered to be safe and reliable.

CE approved, fully tested, and certified to the latest PED International Standard [PED 2014/68EU] – each Elcometer Abrasive Blast Machine is supplied with a pressure test certificate as standard. Elcometer Blast Machines are manufactured out of heavy duty 6mm steel, complete with double weld seams, to prevent the build-up of abrasive and corrosion hot spots in the seam. Once abrasive and naturally occurring moisture gets into the seam, it can never get out, which leads to corrosion that weakens the steel.

Complete with top of the line, heavy duty pipe fittings for durability; robust roller-bearing wheels to get around the job site with ease; and coated in a tough, hard wearing, multi-layer, anti-corrosion coating – Elcometer Blast Machines can endure the harshest of environments.

Thanks to Elcometer’s state-of-the-art range of RCV4000 Pneumatic Remote Control Valves, our blast machines can be safely controlled at the nozzle, delivering precision control with minimal cfm flow and pressure loss.

The Elcometer RCV4000+ comes with an integrated Air Manifold with multiple air outlets, allowing you to attach ancillary equipment, such as pressure gauges to monitor your compressed air pressure, ball vibration units to fluidise the media flow, and air supply for your breathe air filter.

Global safety standards require a pressure relief valve to be incorporated somewhere within your blast system. Pressure relief valves are designed to open when the pressure exceeds the maximum working pressure of the blast machine. Sometimes, there is nowhere to fit one - that’s why Elcometer’s certified pressure relief valves can be easily fitted onto the blast machine, so you can blast safely.

Now, blasting is noisy. And when blasting in a noisy and dusty environment you can’t always see what is going on around you, so you are unlikely to notice if someone walks into the blasting area without Personal Protection Equipment. That is why there is someone at the blast machine to be your eyes and ears, who can quickly depressurise the blast machine using the large, bright red, easy-to-reach Safety Petcock Handle, which is fitted to every Elcometer Blast Machine as standard, for the safety of everyone on site.

For more information on the Elcometer Blast Machines, Valves, ancillary equipment, Personal Protection Equipment, and our complete range of spare and replacement parts - please follow the link to our YouTube Channel or visit our website

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