Maximising Up Time with Elcometer Blast Machines

Designed from the ground up, and manufactured at our state-of-the-art production facility, Elcometer’s range of Blast Equipment has been engineered to be efficient, more reliable, and easier to maintain – so you can maximise your up time.

Performance and efficiency are nothing without durability. That’s why Elcometer’s Blast Machines are engineered to last longer. Forcing abrasive through a high pressure system, however, will cause wear and tear, which means a good maintenance regime is required to prolong the service life of your blast machine. We have designed our machines to be easily serviced, minimising downtime so you can maximise your blast time.

To further minimise downtime; the remote control valve, exhaust, silencer, and water separator can all be quickly swapped out in one assembly - just by undoing two union joints. So, while the assembly is being serviced in the shop, you can carry on blasting.

Elcometer Pop Up Valves are reinforced with a metal base plate for durability. But when they need to be replaced you can do so quickly and easily thanks to the large access doorway, which is wide enough for both of your arms. And, as each door comes with an ElcoFit™ Wraparound Sealing Gasket, you don’t have to worry about gasket alignment when closing the door.

Our focus on durability is not limited to the blast machine. Elcometer’s GV and AGV abrasive metering valves are fitted with replaceable elcoTOUGH™ Rubber Valve Liners, which protect and prolong the lifetime of the valve itself. Field trials have shown that the elcoTOUGH™ liner can last more than 3 times longer than other rubber liners. And what’s more, they can be quickly replaced without the need to remove the valve from the machine. And, so you don’t have to guess the condition of the liner, the valve’s integrated scale clearly indicates the liner’s condition and informs you of the valve setting.

The Mixer T, where the high pressure air mixes with the abrasive media, is made from ultra-hard wearing machined tool steel, so it lasts longer than traditional steel versions. And when it starts to wear out, just rotate it by 180° to double the service life.

For more information on the Elcometer Blast Machines, Valves, ancillary equipment, Personal Protection Equipment, and our complete range of spare and replacement parts - please follow the link to our YouTube Channel or visit our website.

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