Introducing the NEW ElcoPatch™ from Elcometer


Offering quality, repeatable repairs in minutes, the ElcoPatch™ Holiday Repairs Kit is ideal for use on pipelines, tank linings, ballast tanks and other structures in the field.

The new ElcoPatch™ from Elcometer makes repairing coating flaws simple and consistent for long term protection, assuring asset owners and contractors whilst saving money by only using the amount of coating needed.

Premature corrosion is usually due to coating failure through the presence of flaws in the finished coating. When testing the porosity of protective coatings, once a flaw has been located and marked, it needs to be repaired.

Current methods for repairing or patching coatings in the field can vary wildly, are not always consistent and can be wasteful - using a lot more coating than is actually required. As a result, the quality of the repair can vary, leading to inconsistent, poor quality results.

ElcoPatch™ is easy to use - once the pinhole has been identified using a holiday detector, the flaw is marked up. Then, using the abrasion ring as a guide, the surface is abraded and wiped clean. After removing the abrasion ring, the Elcopatch™ is applied and coating is then injected into it using the manual coating applicator. Once the coating has cured, the Elcopatch™ is peeled away from the substrate, revealing the repaired coating.

The Elcopatch™ kit comes with everything you need to repair flaws, ideal for use with most approved coatings that are supplied in 50ml (1.8oz) tubes. In colder climates, you can use the Elcopatch™ 165 Heater Pouch to preheat the coating to 50°C (112°F) to improve the coating flow, making it easier to apply.