How to create a report with ElcoMaster® Data Management Software

Once you’ve taken coatings inspection measurements, the process of creating reports can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you are starting from scratch.

With ElcoMaster®’s data management software, creating inspection reports has never been any easier, allowing you to select from a number of existing templates and even design your own!

To create a report, go to Analyse Measurements, select the project you wish to create the report. Select the measurements tab, you can choose which parts of you project you would like in your report by using the check boxes on the left.

Once you have chosen what you would like to include in your report, you get a number of options, for this we are going to choose to save the report as a pdf.

You will then be asked what you would like to include from the batches you have selected, so readings any images you may have added. Give the report a name and click save, ElcoMaster® will now generate a report from its predefined templates. Once it has generated you have the option to view it by clicking yes or carrying on working by clicking no.

Click here to download the script in English