How to Add Your Logo with ElcoMaster® Data Management Software

Do you want to create bespoke, professional looking inspection reports, but don’t want to spend hours dragging and dropping images into a word processor?

With a powerful application like ElcoMaster®, you can create own custom reports, import your inspection data with ease and make it your own by adding in your own company logo.

With ElcoMaster®, simply upload your logo in Settings and your logo will automatically appear in the top corner of every page of your reports.

To do this, click on Adjust Settings on the homepage of ElcoMaster®, and go across to Reports.

As you can see, it currently shows the default logo, the Elcometer logo. To change this, simply click on the dropdown where you’ll find three options.

The first option is None, this will remove the Elcometer logo and leave the space blank so when you generate your report no logo will be shown.

The next option is Elcometer which is the default setting.

The one we want to choose is Custom. So, click on Custom and you will see the image goes blank and the Choose button appears. Click on Choose to open up the File Explorer on you PC. Then simply find your logo, click on it and press Open.

Your logo has now been uploaded into ElcoMaster® and will automatically appear at the top of every page on each report generated in ElcoMaster®.

Click here to download the script in English