How to add an image with ElcoMaster® Data Management Software

During your inspection project, you may have taken photographs for your report, with ElcoMaster® you are able to add these images directly into your batches.

Elcomaster is a powerful software, that can create professional inspection reports in minutes from the comfort of your PC or Mobile.

In this short video, I will show you how simple it is to insert images directly into your report.

I have just downloaded my batches from my Elcometer (Model) gauge, I am now going to review this batch. At the top I can see a line graph of the individual readings I have taken, the gauge I have used along with its serial number, moving down I can see all the statistics of this batch, the number of readings taken, the average, the highest and lowest reading.

Now we can come to the portion we want to edit which is the Photos, now if you wanted to get here quicker without reviewing the rest of you batch you can use the anchor points along the top and just select Photos, this will then drop you down your batch straight to this point.

So now we are at the Photos option, to add any images you have you simply click the plus icon on the right hand side, this will open up your file browser, navigate to where you have stored your images select them and then click open. The images will then be dropped in along your Photos bar, what you are able to do now if required is using the Pencil icon next to each image, you can add a name or a short description of your image.

Click here to download the script in English