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Elcometer 204 Steel Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge - Discontinued


Replaced by the Elcometer MTG2

Pre-calibrated for ease of use, the new Elcometer 204 steel ultrasonic thickness gauge provides fast, accurate measurement of the thickness of steel.

Displays key statistics

In addition to the material thickness measurement, the new Elcometer 204 displays key statistical values required to assess the overall material thickness; number of readings (n), the average material thickness (x), the lowest (Lo) and highest (Hi) material thickness, the standard deviation (σ) and the coefficient of variation (CV%).


Zero Point calibration for accuracy

The new, easy to use, Elcometer 204 has zero point calibration, ensuring accurate thickness measurements on steel surfaces. 


Live data output to PC

As each measurement is taken, the new Elcometer 204 transmits the thickness values via USB straight into an inspection application or into ElcoMaster®, for instant report generation.


Key features of the Elcometer 204 Steel Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge include:


  • Pre-calibrated for measuring on steel only
  • Measures steel thickness from 0.63mm up to 500mm (0.025 - 20”)
  • Pre-set measurement rate of 4Hz (4 readings per second) provides faster readings
  • Supplied with everything required for use
  • Measures the material thickness when there is access to only one side
  • Integrated zero disc, ensures maximum accuracy
  • Transfer live readings via USB to ElcoMaster®
  • Intelligent transducer attached with auto recognition, ensures correct probe is identified when transducer is changed. The Elcometer 204 is supplied with a 5MHz ¼” Potted Right Angle Dual Element Thickness Transducer.
Elcometer 204 Steel Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge
Elcometer 204 Thickness GaugeElcometer 204-Steel Thickness GaugeElcometer 204 Ultrasonic Thickness

Technical Specification


Product Features

Material Thickness Gauge with 5MHz ¼" Dual Element Transducer


Easy to use menu structure in multiple languages

Tough, impact, waterproof & dust resistant; equivalent to IP54

Bright colour screen; with automatic or manual brightness adjustment

Scratch and solvent resistant display; 2.4" (6cm) TFT

Large positive feedback buttons

USB power supply via PC

Gauge software updates1 via ElcoMaster® Software

Data Output


USB; to PC

2 year gauge warranty2

Auto transducer recognition & ‘V-path’ correction

Reading Rate


Measurement Mode

Range Accuracy
Pulsed Echo (PE) 0.63 - 500mm ±0.1mm (0.63-19.99mm) ±0.004” (0.025-0.787”)
(0.025 - 20”) ±0.5% (20.00-500.00mm) ±0.5% (0.788-20.00”)


Measurement Units


mm or inches

Repeatability / Stability Indicator

Display Modes



Selectable Reading Resolution


Lo; 0.1mm (0.01 Inch), 10m/s (0.001 in/μs)



Number of readings (n), Mean (average) (x),

Standard deviation (σ), Lowest reading (Lo),

Highest reading (Hi), Coefficient of Variation (CV%)

Calibration Options


Zero (using the integrated zero disc)



Technical Specification

Part Number



Elcometer 204 Steel Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge with 5MHz ¼" Right Angle Dual Element Transducer


Transducer Probe type

Dual Element

Measurement Mode

Pulsed Echo (PE)

Range & Accuracy

0.63 - 500mm ±0.1mm (0.63-19.99mm) ±0.004” (0.025-0.787”)
(0.025 - 20”) ±0.5% (20.00-500.00mm) ±0.5% (0.788-20.00”)


0.1mm (0.01")

Reading Rate

4Hz (4 readings per second)

Operating Temperature

-10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)

Data Output


Power Supply

2 x AA batteries

Battery Life3

Alkaline: Approx. 15 hours

Lithium: Approx. 28 hours

Gauge Weight

210g (7.4oz) - including batteries, without transducer

Gauge Dimensions

145 x 73 x 37mm (5.7 x 2.87 x 1.46") - without transducer

Packing List

Elcometer 204 steel ultrasonic material thickness gauge, transducer, ultrasonic couplant, carry pouch, screen protector, wrist harness, 

2 x AA batteries, operating instructions, calibration certificate and 2 year warranty extension card.



ASTM E 797, EN 14127, EN 15317



 ǂ Click here to find out how to integrate Elcometer’s MFi certified products to your App.
1 Internet connection required.
2 Elcometer 204 gauge is supplied with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty can be extended to two years here.
3 When in continuous reading mode at a reading rate of 4Hz. Rechargeable batteries may differ.
 Calibration Certificate supplied as standard.



Dual Element Transducers


When selecting a transducer it is important to choose one which will meet the specific application’s needs. The type of material to be tested, the measurement range, the shape of the substrate (curved or flat) and the size of the material should be considered when selecting the appropriate transducer.

MTG Transducer





Suitable for measuring

Part Number








5.00 MHz Dual Element Thickness Transducer






* S - Standard undamped transducer