How ElcoMaster® Works

The different ways ElcoMaster® can help you do your job better


ElcoMaster® has been designed to be a very intuitive method of developing professional reports as it is extremely versatile. Here are just a few ways ElcoMaster® can be used in day-to-day activities of a coating professional.



1. Gauge to PC to Excel


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Transferring inspection data straight into Microsoft Excel via Bluetooth® or USB is simple and easy.


2. Gauge to PC data transfer into ElcoMaster™


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Using Bluetooth® or USB, ElcoMaster® transfers inspection data in seconds, archiving data and generating reports at the click of a button.

3. ElcoMaster™ Mobile App for immediate data transfer from the site to the office


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Transfer inspection data straight to mobiles and tablets via Bluetooth® when on site for instant analysis, generate .pdf reports1 and email them back to the office for storing, review and QA reporting.


4. Upload to a cloud for real time analysis anywhere


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Using ElcoMaster® Mobile App you can upload inspection data, photos, notes and GPS coordinates direct to a Cloud account of your choice via 3G/4G or WiFi.

All data is instantly visible to other approved users of the account - through a secure log-in on any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.



5. Seamlessly link multiple sites or production lines


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ElcoMaster® gives you real time quality control monitoring from multiple inspection projects in any location.

You can compare and combine inspection data from different production lines or different locations, to produce specific Project Inspection Reports quickly and easily.



6. Real time collaboration for multi-site projects





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Real time collaboration for multi-site projects

When working with manufacturers of sub-assemblies across the globe ElcoMaster® can collate all inspection data from each site, assembly line and project into one shared location. Contractors can then:

  • Accept or reject parts before shipment from sub-assembly plants.
  • Combine all data from sub assembly and final assembly inspection to generate Project Inspection Reports for quality management, both during the project and after completion of the project.
  • Have real time in progress visibility across the whole project, no matter where the sub-assembly manufacturing is in the world.
  • Have multi-site collaboration, real time dialogue and decision making to improve efficiency andquality throughout the production process.


Real time communication

Featuring instant messaging the ElcoMaster™ Mobile App lets you add messages to inspection data, projects and files, allowing you to immediately discuss key points with your colleagues, managers or clients, send work instructions and store messages within the project file.


Your data - your choice - your control

ElcoMaster® allows you to decide which Cloud service provider to use. It is your data, it is secure as only approved users can have access, no third parties can see your data.

ElcoMaster® Mobile App is compatible with a range of cloud service providers and FTP servers including:


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1 Available on iOS devices only