Elcometer launch their most advanced coating adhesion gauge; the Elcometer 510 Automatic Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge



Manchester, UK (March 2014) - Elcometer are pleased to announce the launch of the new Elcometer 510 Automatic Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge, delivering fast and repeatable measurement of coating adhesion – at the press of a button.

The Elcometer 510 is the most advanced adhesion tester on the market today. In addition to automatically performing the pull off adhesion test at the press of a button, the Elcometer 510 also stores the cohesive and adhesive failure attributes, generates individual pull rate graphs for each test, allows users to set a maximum pull limit and then can instantly send all the information directly to a mobile via Bluetooth® - generating instant reports, straight from the inspection site.


Key features include:

  • Automatically measure and save up to 60,000 readings, together with individual pull graphs, dolly diameter, pull rate, failure attributes, and much more - in up to 2,500 alpha numeric batches.
  • Easily select from a list of dolly diameters (10, 14.2, 20 and 50 mm) and pull rates allowing users to measure the maximum pull off adhesion up to 25MPa - 3600psi (20mm) or even 100MPa - 14400psi (10mm) to an accuracy of ±1% of full scale.
  • Individual pull off limits can be set which allows the gauge to only pull to the limit feature before returning to zero – ideal for ‘non-destructive’ testing. The Elcometer 510’s unique ‘hold at limit’ feature allows users to determine how long the gauge remains at a defined maximum force before returning to zero.
  • Advanced Bluetooth® connectivity seamlessly links the Elcometer 510 to both PC or iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android mobile devices through the ElcoMaster® App – for instant data transfer and professional reports1.
510 Screens
Android-&-MFi-logo For more information on The Elcometer 510 Automatic Adhesion Gauge, ElcoMaster® or Made for iPhone inspection gauges, please contact Elcometer at sales@elcometer.com


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