Elcometer introduce new Elcometer 1615 Impact Tester to meet ISO 6272-2:2011

Manchester, UK (October 2013) - Following changes to BS EN ISO 6272-2:2011, Elcometer are pleased to announce the launch of the new Elcometer 1615 Impact Tester Kit.


The Elcometer 1615 Kit G can be fitted to both new and existing units and can be used in accordance with ISO 6272-2:2011 - a requirement for companies working to Qualicoat® test method.


ISO 6272-2:2011 differs from the 2002 version as it now requires a static indenter with a mass of 150 (±15) grams and the base to have a working height from the bottom of the tube of 50mm.


Unlike other Impact Testers on the market, the versatile Elcometer 1615 Impact Tester is supplied as a universal assembly with a number of kit options which the user can attach – allowing them to test in accordance with a wide range of National and International Standards, including:

1615 3d graphic 2


ASTM D 2794

DIS EN ISO 6272-1

ISO 6272-2:2011


EN 12206-1

JIS K 5600-5-3

BS EN ISO 6272

EN 13523

NF EN ISO 6272-1

BS EN ISO 6272-1

ISO 6272

NF T30-017:1989

BS EN ISO 6272-2

ISO 6272-1


BS EN ISO 6272-2:2011

ISO 6272:1993

Qualicoat 2006

DIN EN ISO 6272-1

ISO 6272-2: 2002,

SN EN ISO 6272-1




The new Elcometer 1615 is the first Variable Impact Tester to comply with ISO 6272-2:2011 and can be fitted to all new and existing Elcometer 1615 units in the field, so existing customers simply need to purchase a new kit.


Safe, accurate and easy to use, the Elcometer 1615 Kit G contains everything you need to test in accordance with ISO 6272-2:2011 (and subsequently the Qualicoat requirement) including;


• Falling weight - 1kg (2.2lb), additional 1kg weights are also available;

• Static indenter & punch - 15.9mm (0.62");

• Static indenter & punch - 12.7mm (0.5");

• 16.3mm (0.64") die with fixing screw;

• Indenter Support/Guide bracket with fixing screws;

• 3mm (0.12") & 4mm (0.16") hexagonal wrenches (Allen type) keys;


For more information on the Elcometer impact testing product range, click here.