Elcometer 308 and Elcometer 309 - Press Release July 2010



Elcometer Announce Two New Climatic Gauges


Manchester, England ( 2010) - Elcometer Limited has introduced two new digital hygrometers to their product range;


The Elcometer 308 Hygrometer, a quick, simple and accurate gauge for Relative Humidity and Surface Temperature measurement.


The Elcometer 309 Delta T Hygrometer, a quick, simple, accurate pass/fail gauge for determining the difference between the dewpoint temperature and the surface temperature (Delta T) and the Relative Humidity.


Paint manufacturers specify certain application parameters in their data sheets to ensure the optimum service life for the coating. Painting when the appropriate climatic conditions are not achieved can be detrimental to the coating and cause premature failure.


The Elcometer 308 has been specifically designed for use in very hot climates where the surface temperature of the substrate can often exceed the coating manufacturer’s recommended limits. It is an easy, user-friendly gauge, which with one button provides surface temperature and relative humidity readings.


The traditional method of using a sling or whirling hygrometer combined with a surface temperature thermometer and a dewpoint calculator is prone to errors resulting in misleading values for the dewpoint temperature and the relative humidity.


The Elcometer 309 has been designed to be the entry-level climatic gauge, expanding Elcometer’s range of Climatic Condition measurement. Internal limits in the gauge warn the User when either the Delta T (TΔ) and/or the Relative Humidity (%RH) are exceeded with an on-screen indication and red flashing LED’s.


The well established Elcometer 319 Digital Dewpoint Meter with Bluetooth™ communication, is an ideal solution for those inspectors who require additional climatic information, including relative humidity, air, surface and dewpoint temperatures as well as calculated wet and dry bulb temperatures.


The Elcometer 319 is available in two software versions. The 319 Standard measures RH, air and surface temperature and calculates the dewpoint temperature, providing a 10-reading rolling memory of data sets. The 319 Top has the Bluetooth™ communications feature and a memory capacity for up to 40,000 data sets in up to 999 different batches. The ElcoMaster® data management software supports the 319 Top version.


For more information on the new Elcometer 308 Hygrometer, the Elcometer 309 Delta T Hygrometer or the Elcometer 319 Digital Dewpoint Meter with the ElcoMaster® software, please contact Elcometer at sales@elcometer.com.