Elcometer 148 pH Tester - Press Release May 2010




Simple, easy to use gauge for pH measurement

Manchester, England (May 2010) – Elcometer are pleased to announce the launch of their new Elcometer 148 pH Tester, a simple, easy to use instrument which measures both pH and temperature simultaneously, using a single sensor.


pH measurement is a key parameter to monitor to ensure processes are within specification. In the protective coatings industry, for example, pH meters are used to test the surface run-off water used in cleaning operations. They are also used in laboratories to test paint samples taken from the field for fault analysis.



As pH is temperature dependent, the temperature of the sample under test will affect the pH value recorded. The Elcometer 148 has automatic temperature compensation ensuring like-for-like measurements for meaningful comparison of results.


User switchable between °C and °F, both pH and temperature readings are displayed on screen, and min / max readings can be recorded over a series of tests.


The condition of the Elcometer 148 sensor is automatically monitored after each successive calibration routine and sensors can easily be replaced by the user when necessary.  For more information on the new Elcometer 148 pH Tester or any other instruments in our range, please contact Elcometer at sales@elcometer.com.